Needles - 1987


« Reintroducing the mysteries, giving life its ultimate meaning, manipulating the forces of destiny, which scare and trouble us, seems to be one of the missions of the artist. Injecting in our supposedly evolved societies this touch of primitiveness, which with its software and software packages brings us back to a crude, atavistic reality. Beautiful ambition. This is where Claude Cehes' works reside… Contemporary needles, totems, amulets. The artist moves in this confusing zone where spirit and spirits meet. Realities tumble… The needle reveals, emancipates, goes toward its own destiny …
MICHEL FAUCHER.Excerpt from a catalogue introduction.1987
« AAn art form, which is violently corporeal like with Michael Angelo, existentialist with Giacometti, sculpture brings together all styles in an original and personal synthesis… These arrows thrust through the martyr body of an eternal Saint Sebastian give this art its first magical and warrior function back… »
« She relishes creating strange needles or rather alchemical stalagmites made of glass, bronze and marble… Amplitude of the materials, strength of the compositions: a thrilling and exhilarating work. »