Monuments - 1986


« …Heaped in swarming cascades, born, damned, condemned, the characters of this organic celebration for ever flee some rebellious fear. Clutching incontrollable fears, protagonists of a collective tragedy of which they are the helpless actors. … In this poignant relationship between man and world where resemblances never shy from their revelation, Claude Cehes works on appearances without imitation. She endeavors to signify the reverse side of things using a technique, which bears all, unveiling in turn the offered and the hidden… She reestablishes the exact architecture of her truncated morphologies as well as their imagined configurations because she doesn't shy from the calls of the subconscious… and we know the resonance of this memory quest on a large sector of contemporary art . »
« Claude Cehes' Monuments are contemporary with the laser and talk only of eternal chimera: the mediation of oneness and multiplicity or of flesh and spirit, the nostalgia of the passing of time, the hope (in spite of it all) in the future… Multitudes of small characters accompany each piece… Their evolutions are always ordained according to the laws of a mysterious ceremony… But terror is not Cehes' register… These monuments are not the venue of sacrifice.. »
JEAN-LUC CHALUMEAU.Excerpt from a catalogue introduction.1986
« All is opposition, ambiguity: between round, sensual even erotic shapes and harsh and sharp geometrical angles. All is a game between outside and inside, escape and attraction… »
« …What can we say of these mausoleums, of their exuberant baroque where pink, symbolizing skin and organs, draped… in giant drops, suspicious excrescences… held by the hard, geometric and cold architecture of black, which evokes bone structure, memory and death that became pyramidal crosses, Assyrian fortresses… »