Doors - 1988


« The occurrence of an impassable wall raises the hope of an opening, such as the door, and what we carry is a challenge to its balance and structure. A drapery, like a veil, is pierced by the gush of subterranean shapes, telluric sprout of the lack of hope reaching toward… the triumph of the unique subject, which on its way, has abandoned its obvious shape… »

XAVIER AUDOUARD, Excerpt from a catalogue introduction.1989


« These doors open on a world that is neither present nor real. The essential takes place inside, like in Joyce's Ulysses. It is a world made of memories, maybe, intuitions for sure, but Claude Cehes never loses sight of the necessities of sculpture… We feel a real creative breath vibrating in perfect harmony with the technical skill she demonstrates in their creation.»



« In Cehes' work, there are always thorns of rebellion and fingers of compassion… On the marble man weighs, from high above and far away the agitated movement of the bronze plate… It conjures a modern Samson, crushed by his destiny, but willing to shake the pillars of a cruel humanity's temple. »