Skin and Bones - 1978


«Claude Cehes has defined herself by a baring of the truth, lost at the confines of the vital reality. Her approach appears with the bone and blood of our double identity: being torn, tortured, and wounded but also tearing, torturing and killing… Truth in sculpture is beneath the skin, hence the physique of the unveiled écorchés. Therefore, without tackling the aesthetic or the myths, Cehes offends without seeking provocation or desecration…  »
PAULE GAUTHIER. Excerpt from CIMAISE review n°146
« …Femurs, scapulae and tendons, you name it. She assembles them horridly, inlays them in human shapes… to overexpose its waste. All these bodies are see-through as if they were filled with 7/8ths of water… »
JEAN-LUC HENNIG. « Cehes the witch». .LIBERATION.1979